Body Image

This topic has been something that has been weighing heavy on me lately. So, let’s talk about body image! 

Most days, my body image is a non-issue for me. Most days I get up, get dressed and don’t think twice about it. Most days I’m not in a bathing suit. Most days I don’t dress out of the normal and have to get dressed up for a special event. But some days it’s rough. Some days it is absolutely draining thinking about how I look. The past few weeks have been hard. I went to a wedding on Saturday and I just felt like NOTHING looked good. Everything was hitting my stomach weird, or my arms looked fat, or my thighs were showing to much, etc.

We live in a weird world. Beauty standards are all over the place these days, and with the obsession over social media it is so easy to compare ourselves to Instagram “models”, or celebrities or our friends even. Like it sucks right? I hate comparing myself with other people but how do you not with it being shoved in your face constantly?

I honestly have no real advice here, because I do not really know how to manage when I am having low self esteem. Any advice on how you deal with body image issues?